libbpfl - Bayesian Probability Filtering Library

Current Version 0.2.0beta

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     The Bayesian Probability Filtering Library ( BPFL ) is a C++ library library intended for creation of Bayesian Filtering Programs. If you don't know what Bayesian Filters are, please read the documentation top page.

     This library is still in it's very early stages, but it is functional. It is currently being used to make a simple mail filter, which will be released soon. Although there are currently at least three mail filters using Bayesian filtering, the filter is being written as an example of how to use the library.

     For News, CVS access and release info, please see the Sourceforge Project Page .

Revision: 1.5 - Date: 2003/03/31 20:37:33


libbpfl is free software.
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